Armenian Weddings & Banquet Halls: All You Need To Understand

Exactly like almost every other tradition, Armenians have canadian mail order bride wiki actually their traditions that are own designs, and requires with regards to weddings.

And when there’s something that Armenians are recognized for, it is their long, extravagant wedding times.

For the groom and bride, a normal Armenian wedding begins at 6:00 A.M. And won’t be completed until the first hours regarding the early morning. It’s a lengthy, joyous day filled up with multiple parties, numerous traditions, a great amount of food, and (almost an excessive amount of) dance!

Whenever Armenians celebrate a marriage, they actually celebrate.

The Proposition

A few of the older Armenian wedding traditions are starting to fade, including some which are pertaining to the proposition; nevertheless, some families are maintaining them alive. Here’s a broad breakdown of just what takes place.


Following the soon-to-be-groom has recently proposed to your girl he would like to marry, often there clearly was a little traditional gathering held called the “khosk-arnel”. This approximately means “asking for permission”.

The khosk-arnel is a gathering which include the family that is immediate of the wedding couple. They have been invited over frequently for coffee, tea, and supper. Devamını Oku